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Earlier 2020

Blossom flowers
Ranunculus flower close-up
Purple Orchids
Misty trees
Misty trees
Trees in the mist
Roses in a vase
Buddha sculpture
Skeleton leaves
Skeleton leaves on coloured background
Dahlia Flower
Flowering Heuchera
Actaea flowers
Close-up of Anemone flowers
Cosmos flowers
Four calla lilies
African Lilies
Cosmos flower
Three Calla Lilies
Five Poppies
Multi coloured Poppies and buds
Path in Bluebell wood
Meadow flowers
Meadow flowers
Three Dahlia flowers
Forest at Spring time
Stem of Orchids
Trees in a snow covered field at dawn
Sunset over Palmachim beach, Israel
Tree trunks
Three African Lilies
Row of trees with autumn colours