Food stylists London

Food stylists London

Hers Agency - representing food stylists, home economists, recipe writers and prop stylists for food and interiors photography, television and film shoots. An established creative agency supplying some of the top creative names in the business, covering all aspects of food photography. Whether you are looking to book a London based food stylist or require food stylists around the UK or abroad this agency can deliver dynamic, enthusiastic and professional food stylists.

Hers Agency +44 (0)20 3876 9149 represent; 

John Bentham, Georgie Besterman, Rosie Birkett, David Bradley, Janet Brinkworth, Henrietta Clancy, Maud Eden, Clare Ferguson, Nico Ghirlando, Christine Greaves, Seiko Hatfield, Lucy-Ruth Hathaway, Marie-Ange Lapierre, Stacey O'Gorman, Alex Hoffler, Rob Morris, Rebecca Rauter, Udo Reichelt-Schaurer, Tanya Sadourdian, Rosie Scott, Lesley Sendall, Kostas Stavrinos, Dagmar Vesely, Jack Williams 

Food stylists with varying specialities including technical ice cream experts, skilled bakery and cake food stylists, highly imaginative editorial food stylists, sweets, pastries and chocolate food stylists, skilled creative advertising and packaging food stylists, TV commercial film food stylists, live demonstrators, food proppers, food writers, food features, recipe writers, recipe testers, product developers and support to celebrity chefs. 

HERS Agency expert food and drinks photographic stylists have worked with practically every leading brand you can think of including the following well known clients; 

National magazines and newspapers 

The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, 

Men's Health, Olive Magazine, Jamie Oliver, Sainsbury’s magazine, Food Magazine, Real Food, Fabulous Magazine, Marie Claire, The Wall Street, Dorling Kindersley. 


Saturday Kitchen, Hell's Kitchen, Channel 4, BBC

Restaurant Brands 

KFC, McDonald's, Wagamama, Travelodge, Premier Inn, Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny, Starbucks, Dominos, 

Food Brands 

Hellmans, Mr Kipling, Nescafe, Baxters, Heinz, Liptons, Philadelphia, Shredded Wheat, McCains, Haagen Daz, Birds Eye, Muller, Hovis, Walls, Nescafe, Warburtons, Shredded Wheat, Tate and Lyle, Kelloggs, Fox's, Nestle, Weight Watchers, Kingsmill, Branston, Quaker, Pimms, Knorr. 

Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose, Marks and Spencers, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, John Lewis, Vodafone, Unilever, Harrods, Kenwood, 

Supplying food stylists for the photography industry including: 

  • Feature films, TV programmes, live television shows, commercials, moving images, video, Vlogs. 
  • Editorial magazine and newspaper 
  • Advertising 
  • Packaging 
  • Cookbook publishing 
  • Brochures, Point of sale printed materials 
  • PR and Print campaigns 
  • Live food & cookery demonstrations 
  • Multimedia projects 
  • Advertising agencies 
  • Design agencies 
  • Location and studio work

Food stylists vary in their styles from relaxed natural editorial to technically demanding with precise attention to details often essential for top advertising projects. By using a food styling agency you will be able to draw on their pool of versatile artists who can work closely with you, your team and clients. Hers agency's team of passionate bookers will match your photographic stills or film shoot with the best food stylist who has the experience and expertise to deliver the style with attention to detail to make your campaign a success. Their stylists are up to date with latest food trends working with the best photographers, directors and film crews in the industry internationally which is essential. 

Many people are trying to break into the industry to become a home economist or food stylist for photography. There is a huge amount of interest in the subject with people wanting to learn food styling techniques, tricks and secrets of the trade. There are a growing numbers of food styling courses and blogs which promote ideas on how to get a food styling career off the ground or how to be a food stylist and how to take professional food photography shots of recipes. But with few food styling jobs around it is a highly competitive job market. A good way to begin is with food stylist assistant jobs which can be badly paid or even unpaid but it is essential to gain the sort of hands on experience needed over time to attain the skills required to successfully perform well on a highly pressurised photographic shoot with deadlines and often large amounts of money riding on projects. A fantastic food photographer can't take fantastic food images without a fantastic food stylist. Everyone who can cook thinks they can also be a food stylist but cooking is as far removed from food styling as you can get. Food styling is a highly skilled process of working backwards from the end finished result whereas cooking is about starting at the beginning to achieve a finished recipe. Then this has to be combined with an understanding of what works in front of a lens not what works when you are going to eat the food. A stylist is creating an illusion of the food being piping hot and ready to eat whereas in reality it is cold often hanging around all day in a studio. I would recommend not working with freelance food stylist but instead booking a food stylist through an established agency who can supply the best food stylist with the relevant skills for your food photography project. A food stylist agency offers security to their clients. 

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